Statistics reveal:

2 out of 5 women in South Africa have been victims of some form of sexual harassment in the workplace!

Do you know what procedures to follow if one of your employees lodges a sexual harassment complaint?

The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor

Dear employer, 

According to statistics, two out of five women in the workplace have been victims of some form of sexual harassment...

And this is only reported cases! 

By taking unreported cases into account, experts believe this figure could be as high as four out of five women

But this doesn’t mean it’s only women who get sexually harassed in the workplace. The truth is, employees can be sexually harassed no matter what their gender.

As their employer, the law requires you to both prevent and deal with sexual harassment complaints in an even-handed manner that protects the alleged victim, while also ensuring that false claims are investigated and dealt with...

And this includes taking the correct procedures when an employee lodges a sexual harassment complaint.

Do you know what procedures to follow when an employee lodges a sexual harassment complaint?

There are two options you can use to resolve the situation. 

But the procedure you follow depends on the circumstances of the incident, what the victim wants to do, and the policies in your workplace...

If you don’t follow the right one, you could be held responsible by the employee who's been harassed and forced to pay large sums in compensation for unfair discrimination. 

And that’s why to help ensure you follow the right procedures to follow and don’t land up in Labour Court for taking the wrong action, we’ve compiled a unique tool that contains all the solutions to your sexual harassment headaches. 

I’ll tell you more about it in a minute, but first let me ask you a question...


Do you know what sexual harassment is so you can take the right steps?

Let’s say one of your employees comes to you and lodges a sexual harassment complaint against her supervisor. She tells you he licks his lips in a seductive way while staring at her every time she walks past him. 

Would you consider that sexual harassment? 

The biggest mistake you can make is not to taking the complaint seriously. You may even think it isn’t a big deal and just shrug it off without taking immediate action. 


The key to effectively deal with sexual harassment in your workplace is knowing what constitutes sexual harassment includes.

According to the Code of Good Practice on Sexual Harassment, sexual harassment is any unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature that includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:

  • Unwelcome physical contact: This includes touching (like hugging and kissing), sexual assault, rape and strip searches by or in the presence of the opposite sex.
  • Unwelcome innuendos such as:
o  Sexual suggestions
o  Sexual hints
o  Sexual advances
o  Comments with sexual overtones
o  Sex-related jokes and insults
o  Unwelcome graphic comments about a person’s body

For example, if an employee directs an unwelcome comment about a woman's legs, either at her or others about her, it could be construed as sexual harassment.

  • Unwelcome gestures, indecent exposure and the unwelcome display of sexually explicit pictures and objects: For example, if an employee receives an email containing a cartoon of people having sex from another employee.
  • Quid pro quo harassment: When management or a co-employee influences the process of employment, promotion, training discipline, dismissal, salary increment or other benefits exchange for sexual favours. For example, a supervisor who asks for oral sex in exchange for a promotion.
  • Sexual favouritism: When a person in authority rewards only those who respond to his/her sexual advances, whilst employees who don’t submit to these sexual advances aren't considered for promotions, merit rating and salary increases.

Now that you know what constitutes as sexual harassment, do you know which of the two procedures you need to follow to resolve each situation? 

If you don’t, you need The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor – Step-by-Step Legal Information for Taking Action in Your Workplace to help you provide your employees with a legally water-tight sexual harassment policy...

Know how to deal with sexual harassment step-by-step

I’ve compiled The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor with the help of Labour law specialist, Barney Jordaan, and HR expert, Janine Nieuwoudt.

In it, we’ll show you how to legally deal with sexual harassment in your workplace every step of the way...

With The Complete Sexual Harassment Adviser, you’ll get:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to deal with the victim to make sure you don’t land up at the CCMA and pay out thousands of Rands for the damages because he/she claims you didn’t protect them...
  • Detailed instructions on how to deal with the offender so you won’t be accused of unfair discrimination against the employee regardless of whether he/she’s guilty or not...
  • Quick and easy solutions to resolve sexual harassment so you don’t have to spend thousands paying lawyers for advice...
  • Case studies that show you how courts have ruled for and against employers for fulfilling (or failing to fulfill) their requirements...
  • And much more.

Take a look at what some of our readers had to say about The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor:

“Effortlessly deal with the situation”

This is an easy-to-use electronic report that’ll help you legally deal with sexual harassment in your workplace. 

If I only I had this tool when one of my employees lodged a sexual harassment complaint, I would’ve been able to quickly and effortlessly deal with the situation myself instead of paying a legal team to do it for me. I highly recommend this tool.” 
R Kell, Johannesburg

“I’m confident I’ll be able to deal with a sexual harassment charge the RIGHT way”

“As a manager, dealing with a sexual harassment case has always been a fear of mine. 

After all, it’s such a sensitive situation. You need to handle it delicately enough not to add further emotional distress to the employees involved, while still be strict enough to ensure the situation doesn’t repeat itself. 

I’m so grateful I have The Complete Sexual Harassment Adviser at my disposal. With its tips, step-by-step instructions and countless case studies, I’m confident I’ll be able to deal with a sexual harassment charge the RIGHT way should one of my employees feel they’re being sexually harassed by one of their colleagues. 

Thank you for making a useful, easy-to-use guide. You’re a life saver.”  K.I, Johannesburg – Division Manager

“It also saved me money”

“Thanks to this easy to use tool, I now know what legal procedures to take when dealing with sexual harassment in my workplace. It also saved me money by not having to seek legal advice from labour lawyers.” Divan, Northriding – Manager

Be 100% confident you can deal with sexual harassment the RIGHT way...

Get The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor today for only R349 (excl. Vat) and be 100% confident that you’ll legally deal with sexual harassment in your workplace the right way...

It’s a small price to pay considering a labour lawyer will cost you R1 000 or more an hour and you’ll need more than an hour of legal advice to get all the information you’ll get in The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor. Plus it’ll save you the expense of forking over a fortune if the Labour Court rules you didn’t handle a sexual harassment case properly.

Don’t be without this essential tool another minute.

Here’s to eliminating future sexual harassment headaches,


Taryn Strugnell,
FSP Business

P.S Order your copy of The Complete Sexual Harassment Advisor in the next 7 days and receive a FREE fully customisable sexual harassment policy that you can implement in your company immediately. Having this at your disposal will ensure you don’t have to pay a lawyer thousands of Rands to draw one up for you.

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